About the creation conference

We watch our children grow and understandably we are concerned about the pressures of real world learning and the potential for faith to disappear. Our children are often ill-prepared for the onslaught of information and misinformation out there about science and faith. Our children neither have to appear intellectually stunted nor become sophisticated atheists to navigate the real world.

This conference is about equipping students and/or their parents with tools for a reasoned basis for continuing faith in the mystery and majesty of God in creation. We will demonstrate that the biblical accounts are not in conflict with scientific observation. This material is of use for students and parents dealing with secondary, post-secondary, and vocational environments.

We will engage in Myth Busting and fun exercises in thought, disarming the overwhelming power of evolutionary and creationist dogmas. Both secular “scientific” community propaganda and faith-oriented “dogmatic” community disinformation will be targets for the fun. The telescope and the microscope reveal God’s wonders and lead us to awe and radical amazement, with no need for anxiety about a godless universe.
One of the key aspects of our presentation is the power of reading the Bible in its original language and context. This has too often been the missing ingredient in secular parodies of the Bible and religious dogmatic errors.

Click here to see an eight minute trailer from the Creation Conference.